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While-U-Wait Mobile Phone Repairs

At Town and Country, we provide a trusted and convenient Mobile Phone Repair service.


Mobile Phone Repairs

15 years Experience in Mobile Phone Repairs

We have been repairing and recovering data from mobile phones for over 15 years, and have extensive knowledge and experience with all makes and models of mobile phone, including:-

  • Apple iPhones (iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 5)
  • Samsung Galaxy (all models)
  • Nokia Lumia
  • HTC Desire, Wildfire, etc.
  • Blackberry

We offer 2 types of mobile phone repair service:-

Drop-off and Collect Repair Service

If you're in no mad rush, you can drop your mobile phone into our Sandhurst Mobile Phone Repair Centre, and arrange a
time to collect (either later the same day, or on the following day).

While-U-Wait Repair Mobile Phone Service

Our while-u-wait mobile phon repair service is just that.  You can bring your damaged handset into our Sandhurst Mobile Phone Repair Centre, take a seat, enjoy a coffee, and catch-up on your work while we repair your mobile phone.  Most mobile phone repairs can be carried-out on 30-40 minutes.  You can just drop-in, or you can call us up and pre-book your repair slot if time is tight.

Types of Mobile Phone Repairs that we carry-out

The most common repair these days is a cracked screen where the phone has been dropped. However, we also get a lot of phones that have been damaged by water (fallen down the toilet is a popular one, or dropped into a puddle).  Occasionally we will not be able to repair a phone or it may simply not be economical to repair.  In these cases, we can usually get the data off your broken phone for you, and get it moved onto a new handset.

Specialist work such as liquid damage, power up failure, data recovery and refurbishment are what we excel at, and work that many of our competitors just will not attempt.


You may be tempted to use one of the "cheap" repairers often seen online or advertising locally. Please remember that when you send your phone off to these people, you have a lot of data on your phone such as contact numbers, email addresses, text messages, photos, etc.  By sending your phone off to these people, you are giving them full access to this information, which is private and may contain contacts, conversations or images that are of a sensitive nature.

When you bring your mobile phone into us for repair, we guarantee complete security of your data, and you have the peace-of-mind, knowing that your phone is in safe hands and is repaired by an experienced, qualified engineer.

Too book your mobile phone repair with us, either Complete this enquiry form or call us on: 01252 860888